I consider Lina my “got to” person I whole heartedly trust when traditional medicine leaves me with answers, gaps or just feeling like something is missing. So working with Lina over the years through many different health issues she is not only a fantastic practitioner, but a genuine and caring person who has really listened to my health struggles and worked with me to find proactive solutions which align with my lifestyle and commitment.

I spirally broke my leg quite badly in three places a few years back and Lina helped me implement an optimal nutrition and supplement plan for maximal bone growth and overall health whilst my body was in a state of repair. She really filled in the gaps that my other doctors dismissed with regards to getting my body and bones strong again. I believe her approach was integral in me coming back to full health.

Also consulting Lina for when I embarked upon IVF, Lina prepared my body before starting this process through diet, and nurtured myself and my husband throughout the countless rounds and blood tests and back and forth results. Again always working with me to what she knew I would practise and follow making changes that fit with my busy lifestyle and were totally achievable.

Lina is thorough, as she investigates and digs deeper than what is just in front of her, and I like that she asks questions, it is all these things and her down to earth and caring nature that I consider Lina part of my inner circle of people I trust with matters of my health and wellbeing.

- Haley Richardson